Thursday, December 16, 2010

My poor abandoned blog, friends, and curiousity.

I did it again.  Started something I couldn't finish.  Typical.
But I have recently been inspired to have another go at it by some of my mommy friends.

Speaking of mommy friends, I think I will tell you how my husband classifies my friends. 
To him there are three categories.
1. Friends - These are people I know from school or work. Most of them before I got pregnant.
2. BabyMamas -  These are the ladies that I know through my pregnancy/mommy forums and iphone app.  I have never met them, but feel very close to some of them and consider them true friends.
3. BoobieLadies - These are the ladies that I know from or through La Leche League.  Ladies that are breastfeeding or have previously breastfed their sweet babies. 

And that's it.  When he asks who I am on my phone typing to and I respond with one of those category names, he asks no further questions. 

Men are different from women in that aspect.  Personally, I would like to know who it is, how did you meet them, do they have kids, do they have pets, who is their grandma, who is their doctor, where do they work, what's their favorite food, what's their favorite color, and so on.  Not really.  But I do think women are are just naturally more curious.  I like to find out these things about people in our lives not because I care that he talks to people, but because I like to get the feeling that I know them to.
Now I'm rambling....

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  1. Hilarious. Those are the same three categories of my friends!