Friday, December 17, 2010

I am amazing.

I think that becoming a parent forces you to become amazing.  I thank God everyday for our son and the changes he has forced us to make. 

We are in the process of rebuilding our credit right now, in hopes of buying a house within the next 4 years.  We would not be at this point in our lives if not for Jacob.  We weren't irresponsible people before getting pregnant, we just weren't taking action.  I am proud to say that we are now taking action, and taking charge of our future instead of just "going with the flow".  Let me tell you, "going with the flow" will get you no where.  It is a never-ending cycle.  A whirlpool waiting to suck you in. 

I'm proud to no longer be in that whirlpool.  We are still at its edge, where the waters are choppy and the current could easily consume us, but we are fighting.  That's what it's about.  Fighting what you get stuck with in life. 

I am feeling amazingly blessed today.  And amazingly adult.  I never thought that at age 20 I would be thinking of credit, buying houses, and college funds that weren't mine.  But I love it.  I am a good mom.  Screw that.  I am a great mom.  I want everything for my son that I never had and more.  I want to raise him to be an asset to the world.  He is my greatest achievement.  No matter what I accomplish in the future, he will always be number one on the list of amazing things I have done.

Second on that list would be marrying my husband.  He also makes me a better person, and wows me everyday with his commitment and love for his family.

God is good.

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